Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boston Nat'l Historical Park Week 1

Greetings fellow ProRangers and blog followers, Welcome to the city of Boston! This year, see through the eyes of two legends as Mark Clarke and I, Wayne Lamb continue our path to becoming NPS Rangers. Boston is a great city of rich American History. It is very lively and the people are very welcoming to their newest members from Philadelphia. For our first week, Mark and I were immediately put into action with the interpretation division of the park.
While with interp, we worked at the visitor centers and traveled to Bunker Hill, a popular American Revolution monument in the park. It is a 221 feet high obelisk, and consists of 294 steps. We both walked the 294 stairs with no problem. Upon working in the monument, we informed visitors where to enter the monument and about being safe. During this time, we encountered a stampede of French speaking tourists. The tourists initally looked to Mark for information, but neglected to speak English and insisted on speaking in French. In the midst of the insuing chaos, Mark looked to me to step in and put my intermediate level French speaking skills to good use. I was able to communicate with the tourists and assist them with their needs. After doing this, the tourists were pleased with the amount of help they received. They also took an abundance of pictures with me, one of which is shown below. We also took part in visiting the Cassin Young. This destroyer ship that was very active during World War Two. We journeyed deep into the dark depths of the ship and also learned that the ship was struck by two Kamakaze attacks. Which resulted in the deaths of 22 soldiers who were apart of the  U.S. Navy.
In addition to our time with interp this week, we also were given the opportunity to refresh our wildland firefighting certification. In doing such training, we engaged in activities such as in-class discussions and learned from instructional video, deploying fire-shelters, using fire hoses, and the infamous Pack Test; this test involved wearing a 45 lb weight vest and walking 3 miles in 45 minutes or less. Mark and I completed this arduous task in 41 minutes and 30 secs.

Mark inside the Cassin Young during a Tour

Myself with a French Speaking Visitor

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