Saturday, May 19, 2012

From the Depths of the Forest

Hey everyone its Subhi checking in from Prince William Forest Park down here in Virginia.

It’s been one week so far and Jess and I have spent most of that time with law enforcement.  We spent the first day meeting people from all the divisions and I must say their enthusiasm and passion for their jobs really rubs off.  I tried to soak up as much as I could during our ride-alongs; so much so that I forgot to take pictures of us doing stuff.  So here’s a picture of the forest:

Also on our first day we were greeted by all kinds of wildlife. (Bugs!)  I guess I’ve been getting used to Philadelphia where the only wild animals are stray cats and mice.  Although having snakes and foxes for neighbors do make for quieter nights than my usually raucous block.    
Unfortunately the first couple days were rainy so we didn’t do too much exploring on our own time.  (I know I know were supposed to be “rain”-gers but for now I’ll look around when it’s nice and dry.)  However, through riding along with LE we did get our bearings for where things are located, but I am looking forward to getting out there and walking some of these trails though. 

Till Next Week,

Subhi Zaman      

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