Friday, June 29, 2012

Boston Weeks 5 & 6 & 7!

Greetings everyone!! Your two comrades from the Boston have returned!! And with our return, we'd like to present to all of you weeks 5, 6, and... AND... WEEK NUMBER 7! So let us begin..

Week 5 we took part in assisting Law enforcement helping patrol at the Bunker Hill Parade. Also we had a day with the Public Affairs Officer, Sean Hennessey, and learned thoroughly about his tasks and different roles at the park. Additionally, Mr. Hennessey gave us an extensive tour of Boston and took us to other Park  Service sites in the Boston area such as, John F. Kennedy Birthplace, and Olmstead. In the middle of the week we were sent to Minuteman National Historical Park to work with their law-enforcement rangers in ride-along status and also with foot-patrol. The week topped off with us going to Court with the rangers, and seeing a live case, as well as having dispatch training. 

Wayne (left) and Mark (Right) in front of the Minute Man Statue
As if week five was not fun enough, Week 6 began with a momentous bang! We traveled up to Cape Cod, and worked there for 3 days. Our first day at Cape Cod National Seashore consisted of Mark and I taking part in a ATV training course. This course was a rigorous one, where we learned the ins and outs of ATV protocols for before, maneuvering the ATV backwards and forwards in tight turns, shifting through gears properly to get up hills, and also proper seating and leaning on the ATV. Our second day we worked with Natural Resources in helping to identify nests for the endangered "piping plover", and rode along with law-enforcement rangers. On our final day we took part in visiting the North and South District Visitors Center, took part in the Seasonal Training exercise for workers in Interpretation, walked a small 1 mile trail behind the South visitor center before heading back to Boston. We worked a night shift the following day, assisting in alarming buildings with the rangers, and more shadowing. Our week ended with a trip to Lowell National Historical Park, known for its Textile Industry. In Lowell we shadowed law-enforcement, set-up barricades for the Summer Music Series Concert, and took part in crowd control during the beginning of the concert before departing.

Wayne Looking a Piping Plover Nest Found at Cape Cod
Mark on Back Trail at Cape Cod

Textile Factory at Lowell  

 And then there was week 7. During week 7 we worked with the law-enforcement day shift, helping to fix barricades and place barricades for the upcoming Harborfest celebration. In addition to these tasks we were given a presentation on "Use of Force" by our supervisor, informing us on the proper ways to use force, and the supporting Supreme Court cases and laws governing the use of force. After we then did a cover and concealment course set-up by our Supervisor, for us to move from cover to cover and hit can targets with Air soft guns. Later in the week, we did mock vehicle stops by the side of the law enforcement office, where our supervisor taught us calling in vehicles, how to approach the vehicle, and handling whatever the situation may be when making the contact of the vehicle operator. After this introduction, our supervisor created scenarios placing one of us in the unmarked car in front of us, and the other in the patrol vehicle, and we proceeded to do the different scenarios while being critiqued on our actions by our supervisory ranger. And now before this blog ends, there is just one more thing... the pictures from week seven!

Mark Fixing a Barricade
Wayne Putting a Boot on a Vehicle

Mark before beginning the Air Soft Cover and Concealment Exercise

Wayne During the Cover Concealment Exercise
Till next time everyone!

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