Monday, June 25, 2012

Cuyahoga Valley L.E Week5&6

Weeks 5&6 I was back with Visitor and Resource Protection. These weeks involved a 40 hour active firearms refresher for the seasonal and permanent rangers.  The other 40 hours I spent with my mentor Justin Pugh doing car patrols. I went out on my own with a water bottle, a walkie talkie and a bike doing bike patrols along the towpath. The tow path is the most used resource by the visitors. Here I make the most contacts.
                                                            Non Lethal Active Shooting

Shooting A 9mm

The First 40 hours back with Law enforcing was a whole new experience for me because we sat in class rooms at the Boston store located in the park and a classroom at the local Gun range for law enforcement officers to be lectured. We learned about the legal updates from the attorney who works close with our park. He discussed a few laws that were being changed and gave the rangers advice when completing and submitting paperwork, like issuing citations, and court procedures. That day we went to a gym at the local high school called wood bridge and was taught how to protect our guns, and even recover our guns if needed. We learned fighting stance and combination hits incase a fight broke out between a Law Enforcement Ranger against aggressive visitor. We also used our legs to kick and knee our aggressors if we have too.
During this week I went to the Gun Range and learned about shooting with a flashlight in low light scenarios. The coolest parts of the Active shooting at the gun range was getting the opportunities to both shoot a 9mm for the first time and to go behind the glass and help coordinate some of the fire arms qualifying targets. I finished the week by conducting search and rescue scenarios in large fields and in the woods then using non lethal fire arms paint ball like to find our suspects.
The following week I patrolled a lot of the Park with my mentor in his cruiser. We then went to another highly visited pavilion called the Octagon. At the Octagon there is shelter and a huge field for the visitors to roam. We got a call from dis batch about a possum going into the trash and disturbing a visitor. We planned a trap and caught the possum in a small carrier cage and relocated it to another park of the park where it would not disturb visitors. Justin took me to the north Side of the park and showed me a new area of the park. That I had never been before this area is called Brandywine falls a lot of visitors come to see this water fall and I finally got to see the reason why. It is 64 feet tall and is forever flowing. It is a very beautiful place to see. I finished the week and bike patrolled the tow path with is in total 22 miles. I personally like doing this because I meet a diverse amount of visitors from local citizens to the city dwellers who come to the park for leisure.  I worked in Disbatch and got to see how crazy it get in there with all of their calls from Cuyahoga employees and volunteers. The people in there showed me a lot . I also went to a safe is sound stop which is offered to visitors who are hiking and biking the towpath. I got the chance to work with them to install bells on visitor bikes for free. And give them whistles for their keychains.

Catching the Possum

 Brandywine Falls

Safe is Sound Program

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