Friday, June 1, 2012

Weeks 2 And 3 at Colonial

George Washington Memorial Bridge over the York River
 My first week ended with Joanna Velasco coming to Colonial from Shenandoah for the weekend. Which was a great relief, being from the same city and feeling a bit home-sick, it was very comforting spending time and bonding at a new park for both of us. We both explored Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown. I'm hoping to make my way over to Shenandoah at some point before the summers is over. But overall I made a great friend out of the experience and got to explore my park more before I headed out to my next destination at Harper's Ferry.

Town at Harper's Ferry

Overlooking the town to Mountains of Harper's Ferry
To start off my second week, I went to Harper's Ferry for Operational Leadership Training. Which in itself taught me a lot about my safety and the safety of others. Thus giving me a gist of what it means to be a fellow and responsible Park Ranger. Being in Harper's Ferry allowed me to also bond with other ProRangers as it was a two day course. But it was exciting to spend time with Renee Benson and Jackie Innella at their Penthouse overlooking the town and mountains.

PPE ready and in action.
The next day was spent at Prince Williams with other ProRangers training for the Wildland Fire Training. this was exciting being that I work for the Fire Marshal at Temple University, it gave me insight to what a Firefighter would do in case of an emergency. I also learned how to use a fire shelter, construct a fire line, and assemble various types of  fire hoses.

Picture of Pyrite Mine before.

Pyrite Mine Today.

Marine Corps Museum

I ended up staying the weekend in Prince Williams and enjoyed my stay tremendously with Jessica Cooper, Charles Papacostas, and Subhi Zaman. I got the chance to explore the Prince Williams Forest better and we visited the Marine Corps Museum that is not too far from the park to wrap up my second week. It was a ProRanger filled week. It felt nice to bond with other ProRangers, and no I didn't forget about John Castaldo, Morgan Brooks, Saran Watts, Jay Copper, Amy Borch, Jeff Parente, and Josh Minnich.

Yorktown Onion (Endangered and Protected)
Back in Colonial finally! This week we started working with interpretation we go to explore Yorktown and what it has to offer to the public. We worked Fee Collection, Cultural Resource Management, Archaeology, and the Museum Curator. This week I really learned a lot about Yorktown and its history. Walking through the museum, the battlefield, its forest and observing it artifacts made me appreciate my stay even more in Colonial. I have another week with Interpretation and i cant wait to see what else it has in store.  

Siege Cannons on the Yorktown Battlefield.

18th Century Musket at Yorktown Victory Center.

Black Point on Jamestown Island overlooking the James River.

Curating 17th and 18th century Ceramic Brick.

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