Thursday, July 5, 2012

Boston NHP Week 8

Happy Holidays fellow Prorangers and Blog Site fans. Wayne and I took part in the preparations for the 4th of July Harbor Fest celebrations this week. Our week began with an Operations Briefing that including all of the managers and supervisors at our park. The main concern was safety and our job this week was too make sure everyone  stayed hydrated in the sweltering heat that the city of Boston was experiencing. We were given the task of driving around the Navy Yard with the patrol cart and hand out gatorades and water to our fellow employees. We also helped set up bike barricades for security puropses all around the park and it also helped to maintain the visitor traffic within the park. This was our bit of crowd control that we tasted so far.

Mark and Wayne getting ready to quench the employees' thirst

The US Coast Guard Eagle

The tall ships that were the main attractions were the US Coast Guard Eagle and of course the USS Constitution. These ships are two magnificent vessels. What is interesting about the the Eagle was that it was obtained from Germany after WWII as a war prize and is now used for Coast Guard training. The other ships that were docked by the park included two Canadian ships and the Thomas Jefferson. The crowds were fairly large and the Naval ceremonies were excellent, especially the Coast Guard Silent Drill Team demonstation. There was also a Coast Guard rescue demonstration which was crazy. Within all of the exciting chaos, our supervisor was able to let us experience the arrest and booking process here at the park. He allowed Wayne and I to arrest each other, search, and record fingerprints. This was a cool experience and it really showed us how thorough and aware we have to be when processing a criminal.

The epic USS Constitution 
Coast Guard Silent Drill Team

Mark getting his fingerprint taken after being arrested

Mark and Wayne on the Eagle
The 4th of July celebration included the turning around of the Eagle and the USS Constitution, an appearance by the Blue Angels, and great music. We were able to get on the patrol boat while the ships were coming back to dock and that was when the Blue Angels put on a show for the people. Today, we helped remove some of the barricades around the park and assisted with crowd control with one of the LE Rangers. Overall, despite the heat, this week was great. Till next time, adios amigos.

The Blue Angels cruising

USS constitution returning to dock after the 10 mile travel and turn around

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