Monday, June 24, 2013

Cape Hatteras National Seashore: Week 4.5

ProRangers and Followers,

Following my time with the Interpretation Division, I was assigned to the Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Permit Office for the remainder of my work week. The ORV Permit Office is a major component of park operations here at Cape Hatteras. This office has been created over the last two years in order to issue permits for beach-driving inside the park. Visitors who are interested in obtaining an ORV Permit are directed into this office, where they can purchase a Weekly or Annual beach-driving permit. Before purchasing a permit, visitors are required to present their Vehicle Registration and Drivers License to the ORV Rangers. Then, they are instructed to fill-out the necessary paperwork and they are shown a 7 minute film that outlines the rules and regulations of beach-driving.

Preparing for a Night-Climb!
During my time at the office, my primary responsibility was to staff the front desk. At this position, I greeted the visitors and checked their information prior to issuing them the required paperwork. Next, I completed the "Official Use Only" sections of the paperwork and escorted the visitors into the ORV film area. It was then my duty to start the film and monitor the visitors while the movie was playing. This was a great opportunity to interact with visitors and experience a fast-paced work environment where many tasks need to be completed at once. Additionally, it allowed me to see the "other-side" of the ORV Permit process. Prior to working in the ORV office, I was only exposed to the ORV Permit-holders once they got to the beach. Now, I am more familiar with the entire process, which will certainly benefit me for the remainder of the summer.

My next assignment here at Cape Hatteras is with the Natural Resources Division! Stay-tuned for a new blog towards the end of the week!

Thank you for reading,

Jay Copper

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