Sunday, June 23, 2013

Independence NHP #4


  Sunday evenings are my first shift back from my three day weekend. I am excited to see what kind of things I will do and learn this week. I begin my shift in the Ranger stations main office after I put on my uniform in the men’s locker room. In the office I log onto the computer and start putting the finishing touches on my blog post. I removed, then added a few things and uploaded the post to the Pro Rangers blog page.  To complete my blogs I add a few pictures to show my readers the beauty of the park that I get to see daily. I post my blog and then move on to my next assignment.  While online I  log onto DOI-learn and complete the third course given to me by my supervisor. I take the time to read every page and module because I know that there will be a test at the end of it. I complete the Government Ethics course and print out a copy of the certificate for my personal records.
My Lock and Locker at 339

  I was told by my supervisor Ranger Snow that I will need to pick up my radio one day soon, and I could come in earlier to do so. Also Ranger Snow and I reviewed my time sheet and made changes to it. I’m glad he was able to help me because completing spreadsheets are not my strong points. We finished my time sheet and then emailed it to HR.I was given permission to walk around the park, so I left 339 and headed toward Independence square. While patrolling the park I ran into a few individuals who were asking for directions. I kindly gave them as much direction as I could and they were on their way. I arrived at Independence Square, where I spoke with two Sectek guards and an LE Ranger. I asked these guys about the events that occurred in the park earlier and for the most part they informed me that nothing eventful had happened. I stood outside Independence Hall, protecting it from visitors and watching people walk by. Standing in one spot can get boring so I’m sure the guards appreciated my conversation.  I was called over the radio to report to 339.

  Once I arrived at 339 I was escorted by Ranger Dottie to the evidence room. In the evidence room I created a list of unused property to add to the list I had already created. In the evidence room Dottie helped me find and move things around that did not belong. With the things I found, I wrote down their serial numbers, property number or anything detailed that could be used to describe it. With Ranger Dottie’s help we were done in no time. I returned to 339 for my next task and Dottie ended her shift. At 339 Rangers Juan and Martina escorted me to Franklin Court. At Franklin Court we navigated through the buildings to find the Visitor and Resource Protection office. We ended up finding a storage room with riot shields so we took the shields and placed them into the cruiser to transport to the equipment room in the ranger station. The two rangers left me in Franklin court so I could complete the inventory of property in the V&RP room. It took me a little less than an hour to document all the property onto my list but it was necessary. For the rest of the night I added information to my next blog and clocked out at 0230.

  On Monday I arrived at the Ranger Station 339 a little before 1700 to change into uniform and still be on time.  As always I log onto the computer here at 339 to check my emails. I decide to walk around the park and make some contacts. I was able to again give directions to a few visitors but mostly I spoke with the Sectek guards again. A lot of the guards are curious about the Pro Ranger Program and I always tell them how awesome a program it is. I explain to them the application process, and the P.E.B requirements. One of the guards informed me that he was a police officer in PA.  While talking to him he told me how much he enjoys working in the law enforcement field.  After the conversation with the Sectek Guards I did some more exploring.

 While patrolling a visitor had stopped me while I was walking an informed me about a potential safety hazard. He said that there was a metal board that covers a hole on the corner of 4th and Chestnut that had been moved slightly and needed to be placed back to cover the hole correctly. I spotted the area he was talking about and Ranger Juan adjusted the board correctly so it wouldn't move and no one could potentially hurt themselves.

Not too long after that all the rangers reported immediately to the open field directly next to the LBC (Liberty Bell Center). I was the last one to arrive on the scene but I had no idea what was going on so I kept my distance. From a distance I saw the LE Rangers assisting a man who had been lying on the ground. I walked a little closer just to show the rangers I was there, In case there was any way I could help. The rangers had large medical/jump kits with them so I assumed they were on a medical contact. After they escorted the guy into the Cruiser I was able to communicate with the rangers and they told me that the man was intoxicated and may have medical issues.  Two rangers took him to the hospital and I walked back to 339. At 339 Supervisor Snow gave me more detail about the incident.
                                                                  Medical Contact

  As the night progressed I completed building checks with Ranger Melissa, we cleared the Pemberton complex and 2nd bank.  To end the night Ranger Juan helped me deliver some mail to the M.E.B and we parked a government vehicle in the parking lot. I ended my shift watching the rangers cite a visitor for drinking over the legal limit and destroying park property. I left INDE around 0230.
On Tuesday 6/18 I came into work at 1530. I immediately reported to the dispatch building to meet with Ranger Drake. Ranger Drake is in charge of the radios and alarms here at INDE. This day was the day I was issued my radio, so that I can communicate with the Rangers and dispatch better.  While meeting with Ranger Drake, he also gave me a crash course on using and protecting the radio issued to me. This was my first time meeting him and he was very friendly, funny and informative. I am pleased to be working with the diverse group of Rangers here at INDE.  A lot of people here come from different places and are skilled in different area, and I have taken note of that. After my meeting with Ranger Drake, I step into the Dispatch office to meet the two dispatchers whom I hadn’t met yet and headed over to 339.

  At 339 I greeted all the Day shift rangers and headed to the locker room to properly put on my full uniform and equipped my gun belt with my new radio. Once I’m fully dressed I went down to the main office in 339 and talked with the day shift rangers. When my supervisor arrived he gave me another key. I put the key on my key ring and sign a document regarding me receiving it. This key will give me access to lock and unlock the doors of 339. A few moments late ranger Trouper gives me a few tasks to complete during my shift and I return to the office to log onto the computer. Online I read and reply to emails and jump on the Pro Ranger Blog page to see if there were any new blog posts.                               Hazard

  On this particular day, the weather wasn't so good. It rained for most of my shift. I stayed indoors, worked on my blog and did research online for my supervisor. I also started my fourth online learning module on DOI-learn. I did not get to finish the course but I will certainly finish it as soon as possible. I got away from the desk for a few hours and patrolled the park. Near the Pemberton complex Ranger Melissa noticed a potential hazard. One of the flat stones in the ground used for walking on was not stable and someone could fall if they stepped on it. She put in a work order for it and then she and I went and placed an orange cone with yellow caution tape to mark it. I took a lunch and spoke with two Sectek guards who were also taking a break. After the conversation ended I returned to the ranger station and worked on my blog. I briefly left 339 to assist Ranger Juan in obtaining light bulbs for our office from maintenance. Riding around the park with Juan is always interesting because he always shows me something new. The remainder of the night I worked on the inventory task. I used some of my pt time at the M.E.B and ended my shift with a great work out. I worked on both my upper and lower body and then got in some cardio to complete my work day. I clocked out at 0200.

  On Wednesday I arrived to work at my regular scheduled time 1700 and immediately put on my NPS uniform. Soon after I got to work on Quick time training, which was recently assigned to me. Quick time training is definitely appropriate because every employee should know how to submit their own Time and Attendance. It took me about an hour to complete the course. I spoke to a few Rangers who were also interested in taking the training. So I showed them how to access it. Around 1930 the LE staff at INDE had our weekly briefing in the east wing. During the briefing the supervisors shared information about upcoming events that need coverage. 

    Later in the day I worked on a report of survey form in which I added the property from the unused property report I made last week. I submitted it to my supervisor and left 339 to check out the activity in the park. Like most nights it was pretty slow. The rangers kept themselves busy by completing reports on the computer and checking areas in the park. At 0020 I went over to dispatch. Radeam, Will and Rob were there so I greeted all of them and introduced myself to Rob because it was my first time meeting him. Observing dispatch is always interesting because I like the constant communication and professionalism they add to the park. If anyone needs information they usually ask dispatch because they are very informed about the activity here and if they do not know then they help finding out. I headed back to 339 to update my blog with the things I had done today. I then headed to the M.E.B around 0225. In the gym I used the free weight dumb bells to compete a few sets of upper body exercises. I want to tone up so those weights help my upper body. I use the mat for stretching and sit ups. Last but not least I used the elliptical for my cardio workout. I finished my shift and headed home for my off days.

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