Sunday, July 21, 2013

SLETP 13-05 Firearms Training

We completed our two weeks of extreme firearms training.  Our instructors were NPS Ranger Ambrose (ret.), Sgt. Carey, NPS Ranger Lippert (ret.), Special Agent Madarang and Officer Murray.  We had surprise visits from Dr. Luongo, NER Chief Clark, Special Agent Pascale and ProRanger Manager Krug. 


The weather was hot and some days the temperature went up to 100 degrees.  The class kept a positive attitude and displayed determination to learn vital skills that we will need for our future careers as law enforcement rangers working for the National Park Service.


We learned about off range firearms safety, post shooting procedures, rules and regulations.  We went through a semiautomatic pistol course, reduced light, shotgun course and a rifle course.  An interesting section that we did was a down/disabled officer course and we shot the pistol in positions from which I never thought an officer could accurately shoot.  The class also went through various interactive drills with firearms and it was rewarding to witness how our skills developed from the first day we started with firearms.


These past two weeks were intense.  Even though we now have firearms using skills, the instructors assured us that these are skills that will be lost if we do not keep practicing.  Thanks to the instructors for putting the time and passion into our class and providing us with the ability to become successful park rangers.

Only 4 more weeks!


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  1. Renee
    I am so proud of all of you. You guys are making the program, current Prorangers, alumni and our administrators look great. I’m itching to go to the academy next summer and participate in all the trainings you’re going through. Finish up strong.