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18th century Garden
On Sunday July 7, 2013 I arrived to the park my regular scheduled time and worked my regularly scheduled 10 hr shift. Once I got geared up I reported to the ranger station’s main office for duty. I was given a few property and inventory tasks to complete by Supervisor Snow. After that I continued my chemical inventory assignment that I was given by Ranger Saperstein. I walked over to another R&VP building to check for chemicals or hazardous products that need to me documented. I was surprised to see a good amount of cleaning supplies in a maintenance closet and other cleaners in the office room. I listed these items, the size/amount of the product and the manufactures name on a sheet of paper in which later I will put on the hazardous product/chemical list electronically.

I left out of the V&RP building and headed back to the ranger station. On my way back I was stopped by visitors on two different occasions asking question. Both groups of visitors were in 18th century garden observing its beauty. The second group of visitors actually surprised me with the amount of history they already knew. They ended up informing me about important people from the 18th century who helped our historic leaders create America. One of the visitors informed me about Baron Augustus Von Steuben who came from Europe to the states and helped George Washington train and discipline his troops in Valley Forge which lies outside of Philadelphia. After conversing with him I advised him and his family to check out magnolia garden which isn’t far from 18th century garden.  I left 18th century garden and headed into 339.
Once I go to 339 I spoke with the night shift rangers and Supervisor Snow, I logged on to the computer. Online I checked my emails, looked over the ProRanger blog page, and even researched information on Baron Augustus Von Steuben, the guy that a visitor mentioned to me earlier. The remainder of the night I patrolled around the park. Making sure the visitors and resources were safe. I checked a few exterior building making sure they were secure. As the shift came to an end I took my gear off in 339 and left the park

On Monday I returned to work and immediately got into uniform. I began to continue the inventory tasks that I have been working on. Since I am working on two at once for the same division I doubled up and worked on them both at the same time. On one task I listed the new chemicals and hazardous products on it and the other I relooked over unused property and determined if they were fixable or not. Some things are old and just out of date so those things were added to the list.  I took a break from inventory and walked to the M.E.B and once I was clear of it I returned to the ranger station.

At the ranger station I began another Doi learn course. This course was about the no fear act and whistle blowing. I think this course was very important because it addressed discrimination in the work place. The course also taught me how to report acts of discrimination and assured me that anyone would be protected if they were to report someone for it. It’s a great thing to protect employees from retaliation.  After that course I went into the basement and began working on a report for property found in the park. Safely I went through the property with my gloves and removed everything from the trash bags they were in. the only things I found were clothes, newspapers and water bottles. Nothing in the bags could be used to identify the owner. I listed all the property found on the report and placed the items back into the bags they were found in.
As the night continued I logged on the computer to type up the inventory from the projects and the report I had just completed. I later went to dispatch and observed the park on the surveillance cameras. It’s different to look at the park from dispatchers eyes. You see the visitors and resources but they cannot see you.
I ended my night working out at the MEB. I got out of my uniform and into my work out clothing to lift weights. I used the lat pull down bar to strengthen my arms and the bench press as well.  I ended the workout with cardio on the elliptical which is my favorite piece of work out equipment. I left the park and ended my shift after working out.

The next evening I reported to the ranger station and got dressed up into my uniform. I reported to the main office greeted the morning rangers and headed to the Merchants exchange building. After clearing the MEB I went over to dispatch to greet them and get a look at the park with the cameras. The dispatchers informed me that there are about 160 cameras in the park and they can see just about everything in the park. I hung out with the dispatchers for a few hours and headed to the ranger station to continue the inventory reports.
In the ranger station I logged onto the computer and began gathering all the Material Data Sheets for all the chemicals gathered in the R&VP building and offices. The Material satefy data sheets are documents that manufactures have for their products. When items are chemical hazards MSDS sheets are handy because they have the useful information for the buyer or owners of the products.

MSDS example

The rest of the night I worked on these inventory reports for R&VP division. I take pride in completing this annual task and making sure every product, chemical or piece of equipment is accounted for. I ended my shift around midnight and left INDE.
On Wednesday I came into work and edited my blog post before I posted it. I checked and read over a few other Prorangers blogs to see what kind of experience they are getting. I logged out of the pc and radioed Ranger Dottie to see where she was located. I was scheduled to come into work earlier than my normal scheduled time so that I could help her and Ranger Nichole with evidence. In the evidence room I spent about half of my shift moving, sorting and organizing evidence and law enforcement equipment. I did not touch the evidence myself Ranger Dottie did, however I was able to assist with moving equipment and boxes around

   In the evidence room we sorted evidence by the year it was processed. Using my height to my advantage I was able to reach high shelves for storage. In the evidence room we found some really cool things that the LE ranger may find useful in their everyday duties. Also in the evidence room we through trash away and took things we could use in the office back to the ranger station. Dottie and I left the evidence room with only 2 boxes left to organize. I can say we accomplished a lot in that little amount of time.
After we left the evidence room we headed to the Ranger Station to get ready for our weekly briefing. The weekly briefings are something I look forward too. I have an interest in intellectual conversation and socializing so the briefings are great for me to hear new and old news in the LE division. In the meeting the supervisors talked about FLTEC and more coverage for the upcoming events at the park. We also had a chief ranger from another Jefferson Expansion National Memorial Park sit in our briefing. It was cool having someone new in the meeting giving a different opinion, in site and advice. The briefing was pretty brief but a lot of information was shared. We rapped up our meeting and the staff headed back into the field.

    In the field I patrolled around INDE square and second bank. I keep my eye and ears open to the visitors and resources while patrolling. I didn’t make any contacts the evening was quiet so I headed back to the ranger station to post my blog. I edited my blog after my supervisor checked over it and added pictures to give my readers a visual. I posted my blog and left back out to grab dinner. After Dinner I checked my emails and sent some responses. The rest of the night I focused on completing my timesheet and quick time. I am still getting the hang of these two T&A documents so I called on The Rangers and Supervisor to help me. At the end of my shift I went into the M.E.B to work out in the aerobics room. I concentrated on cardio and a few weight lighting techniques. I ended my shift and went home.

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