Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Valley Forge-Week 1

I am having a fantastic time at Valley Forge National Historical Park!!! Residing so close to the area, I've never realized how huge and scenic the park really was. Getting lost a few times has helped me become a little more familiar with the historical locations and recreational areas here. I have already began to work on a project which focuses on park regulations. I have learned so much in just the first week and all the Rangers here are really kind, generous, and personable. 

It was at Valley Forge National Historical Park that I witnessed a court proceeding for the first time. The LE Rangers briefed me on court procedure while contributing to my training on park regulation and security. I helped prepare for Ranger bike patrol training throughout the week and I was also introduced to traffic radar with Ranger Hackwelder. I learned that running traffic radar takes true patience and can become tedious at times :-) Taking a three mile hike along the River Trail exposed me to the beautiful wildlife and natural resources at the park. I am now able to distinguish the difference between stinging nettle from other unique plants that grow on this trail. 

During that hike, Ranger Hackwelder and I came across nature at its best, a huge chunk of a fully grown tree that broke off unto the trial. That experience allowed me to learn what to do when such a natural accident unfolds. The best part of the hike was getting fairly close to the flock a geese and their adorable babies. I was surprised by the large amount of geese that surrounded us near the bank of the river, they were pleasing to watch.


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