Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Valley Forge-Week 3

            National Trials Day was this week and I biked over to the North side of Valley Forge National Historical Park, at Betzwood. Betzwood is a popular place for visitors to kayak, hike the river trial, and bike. This particular event took place there and many different organizations set up stations to offer information about various programs to visitors. There were volunteer groups dedicating their time to help preserve the natural resources of the park. The park volunteer groups held programs such as the Weed Warriors who pick invasive plants or weeds. Other groups biked along trials or took tours through the north side on foot. Organizations under tents conducted education programs like bike repair and gave away free equipment such as helmets. There were really cool display tents that were specific to natural resources. There was a display of many different species that reside here at the park. On display were crayfish, raccoon fur, turtle shells, and even fawn skulls.
            National Trials Day was such a fun event! One period of that day, I worked with Ranger Tim Oh, conducting traffic through Betzwood. At other times, I did foot patrol around the area, learning about the programs offered at the different stations. One station had nurses conducting free blood pressure checks and other stations promoted their organizations through brochures. I thought that the Elk club station was pretty cool as well.
            During that week, I also did a ride along with Ranger Hackwelder to Hopewell Furnace, our sister Park. Hopewell Furnace is historically known for their iron plantation. Its also a really cool place for hiking and enjoying the natural resources that would have been present during its operation in the 18th and 19th century. 

It was neat visiting the quarters and learning about the farm animals that would have resided at the plantation during that time.


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