Friday, July 5, 2013

Valley Forge-Week 5

This week was Hazwoper training! This course focused on hazardous material that can be harmful to not only humans but to the environment and wildlife as well. I learned about many different chemicals and gases that may be difficult to detect. Even chemicals that we cannot see or smell may still be hazardous. The course taught me how to handle hazardous material and what to do in an emergency situation where there is either a leak or spill. The guidebooks were extremely helpful when trying to identify chemicals in certain categories as well as potential health risks when exposed.
The class also covered PPE like gas masks and how to properly dress and disassemble a HazMat suit. The instructor discussed the different types of filters that can fit on your mask as well. During one of the Hazwoper refreshers, Ranger Tim Oh volunteered to demonstrate the HazMat suit.

 Members of the class were issued binders and other texts composed of information regarding gases, acids, flammable material, and other chemical substances. There were quizzes and group exercises to help the class become more familiar with handling hazardous material.
Through this training, I learned that labeling containers, and properly disposing of hazardous waste is essential in the work environment. With this education on hazardous substances, I am now more cautious even when carrying out daily tasks at home. Overall, the course was informative and gaining this knowledge has become very resourceful even outside of the work environment.


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