Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Final Weeks at SLETP

Hello Everyone!
The skid car in action.
It is extremely hard to believe it but we are entering our final week here at the SLETP Academy!  Our most recent training involved the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course in which we learned many different driving skills that will be utilized when responding to emergency calls. 

We drove through an emergency response course with both a Crown Victoria and SUV, drove a skid car to help us learn the different ways a car can skid out of control and how to correct them, and a night driving course to acclimate ourselves to the challenges of driving in the dark.  The courses taught us how to use our pivot points when taking sharp turns, how to use our mirrors and looking through the back window while backing up, and what it means to apply steady, even pressure to the brakes when traveling at high speeds.  It was a very fun week filled with great instructors that taught us very valuable skills that we will use everyday both on and off the job!

We had the pleasure of ending our week with OC Spray Exposure; it was as great as it sounds!  Being sprayed with the pepper spray was unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.  It is imperative that we as law enforcement officers be exposed to the spray so we understand what it feels like.  We now all know that in the unfortunate case that we may be exposed to it in the field, we can continue to fight through the pain until the subject is subdued.  
This makes my eyes water just looking at it!

This summer has been such an incredible experience and I have learned so much.  It has been extremely rewarding to watch every single recruit grow and develop their skills throughout the summer and I would be honored to work with every one of them.  It has been a roller coaster ride of non-stop action, nights filled with studying, stressful PE’s and written tests, but it will all pay off next Monday night at graduation.  Our class has grown into one unit and we have met some great instructors that will impact us for the rest of our careers.  

I hope everyone is finishing out their internships positively and that you all enjoyed your summer as much as we have.  I look forward to seeing you all and catching up at the After Action Review!

ProRanger Erin Langeheine

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  1. Erin,
    Congadulatioins to everyone from the class. Please have Daniel give me a call. I will not be seeing you guys at graduation as I have to work the road. Good Luck in all your endevours.
    Russ Hittle