Friday, July 31, 2015

Colonial NHP: Getting Caught Up

The past couple weeks I have spent wrapping up in other divisions, as well as completing my conservation project.  The week after fourth of July I started off doing graffiti removal with maintenance around the park.  We have one bridge specifically which is a problem where kids hang out and tag it from top to bottom.


Some of the walkway was re-leveled in some
places where it had become a tripping hazard

After my day of graffiti removal I started working with the HPTC (Historic Preservation Training Center), crew who have been at COLO for weeks.  For the majority of my time with HPTC I helped clean out the joints on the brick sidewalk to the Moore House. After they were cleaned out  the joints were then filled with envirosand, which prevents weeds from growing up between the pathways

In between my time with HPTC I worked with the Resource Division here at COLO.  I spent time organizing an old ARPA violation in which pieces had been separated from each other over the years.  I got the opportunity to GPS sample points around the park and work with the GIS system.  I also got to go bird marsh monitoring to monitor for endangered species.  It is part of a monitoring of the endangered birds up and down the East Coast.  At the end of the week I helped set up wild life cameras to monitor the beaver dam.  The beavers had started building a second dam in one of the ponds, we were interested in finding out why they hadn't repaired their old one and started a new one.

The time at Colonial has been flying by and I'm finishing up with the Protection Division, practicing handcuffing, and working on different scenarios.  

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