Thursday, August 13, 2015

Farewell Colonial NHP

My final two weeks at Colonial National Historic Park could not have gone better.  I spent them with the protection division, which meant I got to go out on patrol almost every shift.  I met with Deputy Superintendent Steve Williams and Superintendent Kym Hall, which was wonderful of them to squeeze me in their busy schedules.  I also got to work on traffic stop scenarios as well as proper handcuffing.  One of the last days I did a mock driving course with the acting Chief Ranger (only one cone was harmed in the process).

The whole experience at COLO was wonderful, everyone I worked with was eager to share their experience about working in the park service and other agencies.  Each division I worked with was willing to work with me, showing me how their division keeps the park functioning.

I cannot thank everyone I worked with enough for their patience, and willingness to take time out of their busy schedules to work with me.  I learned so much about the Park Service and hearing about different peoples careers and details helped me (slightly) figure out where I want to go with my career.            

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