Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bigger Than Myself

            Greetings, my name is Angelo Algeri. It is a great pleasure to be able to introduce myself as a member of Temple University’s ProRanger program. In addition to being a member of the program, I currently study Civil Engineering and pursue a minor in Geography. I wanted to study Civil Engineering because I’m constantly amazed with the world at large. I often find myself gazing upon infrastructure and speculating the ways in which it manifested. Infrastructure systems extend into resources necessities that people understand as common. However, systems pertaining to water and traffic incorporate safety and security within each proposed design. I was led me to civil engineering through a desire to understand the processes of building and securing safety within structures. Since studying the mechanics of structural systems, I have found more appreciation for things that might be considered mundane and ordinary.
            You may be questioning why I paired geography with engineering. You also may be thinking how this aligns with my membership in the ProRanger program, but I assure you I will address these questions shortly. As you can see so far, I have many interests and I am quite passionate about each of them. My interest in geography stems from the production and application of technical drawings. Using drawings to make sense of surrounding environments or a tool in assembly has always struck me with a burning curiosity. I find it so interesting that two dimensional prints can be used to make sense of natural systems that are so complex. Naturally, my geography minor is focused toward cartographic production.
My curiosity towards understanding the surrounding environment aligns with the preservation values inherent to the National Park Service. I view a career as a law enforcement ranger as an opportunity to participate in the crucial groundwork of preservation that takes place in the Park Service. Most importantly, being a ranger will not only allow me to be a part of an amazing organization, but also allow for involvement in something bigger than myself.
Though my summer placement is still undecided, I’m beyond enthusiastic at the chance to experience and explore more of our beautiful nation. During my internship, I’d like to train in both emergency medical services and in any restoration-related opportunity. I also hope to witness the day-to-day work of a law enforcement ranger because I believe shadowing will help me narrow down my future career plan and goals. One of the things I most look forward to is developing an understanding of the history of the park. In my interpretation, history allows for the connection of why things have come and gone within or outside the park. Understanding the park’s history encourages an interconnectedness with the surrounding environment. In understanding the historical background of the park I am placed at, it will encourage full appreciation of my experience. During my leisure time, I plan to sketch my favorite areas within the park and hopefully some will end up within my future blog posts. I will use this platform as a personal portal, allowing shared insight into my internship and experience within the ProRanger program.

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