Monday, February 15, 2016

Let Me Tell You a Little About Myself

My name is Justen Williams and I am part of cohort 5 for Temple University’s ProRanger Program. I am a sophomore at Temple and I am a member of the university's men’s crew team. This is my first season on the team. I walked onto the team early into the fall semester. I am from a smaller town in Michigan called Brighton. When I went to high school in Brighton, I was a member of the football team and I was also a member of the men's swim team. Also back in Michigan, I was a member of the Hamburg Township Police Explorer Program. The Explorer Program taught me skills about dealing with traffic stops, clearing buildings, conducting accident investigations, and finally handling domestic situations.
My time in the Explorer Program was definitely a major reason why I wanted to join the ProRanger Program. It showed me that I wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement. I just had one problem, where would I end up working? When I was younger I spent most of my free time either camping, hiking, or biking in the state and national parks around me. Even now when I am home for holidays, I spend most of my time out exploring and taking in the natural beauty the country has to offer. When I was looking for colleges, I looked at the internship opportunities. When I looked at Temple, I saw they had this program and it was the major selling point on going to Temple.
I cannot say I have had the pleasure of viewing many national parks outside of the ones in Michigan. So far, one of my top parks is Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Even though I have spent most of my time outside of the city and outside of the historic areas of the country, all the parks interest me. I would like to eventually try to work in all the different types of parks and not just be locked into just one type.

I look forward to sharing my experiences in the ProRanger Program with all of my readers.

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