Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Find Your Park: Spring Break

We are well into the Spring semester here at Temple University and our Spring Break just concluded. Classes have resumed and we are eagerly awaiting our Summer 2016 park assignments. For break, some students returned home, some worked, and others went on fancy vacations with beaches and hot weather. While planning what to do for Spring Break, my roommates and I were searching for a unique trip with a change of pace from North Philadelphia, while trying not to break the bank. Our answer? Lets explore some National Parks.

And south on I-95 we went...

The top of Brooks Hill
Monocacy National Battlefield
The Worthington House
Monocacy National Battlefield

I couldn't drive through Maryland without stopping at Monocacy National Battlefield. It was great to show my roommates and fellow ProRanger John Hesdon where I spent my summer, and it was interesting to see how the landscape changed through the months. After spending the day hiking around the park, seeing some old friends, and exploring downtown Frederick, we were excited to leave for our next destination the following morning.

Hawksbill Summit
Shenandoah National Park

For anyone who believes that you need to travel far out west to see the big and beautiful national parks, I encourage them to visit Shenandoah National Park. The views were breathtaking, the hikes were challenging, and the fresh air and environment reassured that we made the right choice for our Spring Break destination.

The Appalachian Trail was covered with ice and
made for an adventurous hike. 

John and I enjoying the view at SNP

Visiting Shenandoah only added to the anticipation of finding out where my next destination will be, and I am thrilled to continue on my ProRanger adventure. I encourage everyone reading this to go out and Find Your Park like we did. 

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