Monday, June 27, 2016

A Week full of LE Learning

This past week has been amazing. It started out at Minute Man National Historical Park. I was able to learn the history of this park as well as how the law enforcement rangers help ensure the park is safe at all times. I toured the park and saw the jurisdiction of the park, we did walk-throughs of many of the parks’ “witness structures” which are buildings that were standing during that time period (1775). It was really great working with a different park and seeing the similarities and differences between Boston National Historical Park and Minute Man National Historical Park. After this the Rangers and I headed to the range. I was able to safely observe their shooting practice from behind the control table with earmuffs and safety goggles. The rangers were really helpful in explaining firearm safety. They also went over the requirements for shooting accuracy in the Park Service. I was able to learn a lot during my time spent at Minuteman National Historical Park.

The rest of my week was spent working with my supervisor in law enforcement. I learned the different components that made up the patrol vehicle. I helped set up the patrol car for the day. We drove around from building to building and ensured everything was in order. We responded to calls about exhausted people who had attempted to climb the Bunker Hill Monument, and were unfit to do so. I observed the entire procedure of how the rangers dealt with a suspicious package from finding it, to having Oscar, the explosives detective dog sniff the back pack. Luckily everything was ok, it was really neat to see how this issue was dealt with.  This was a week full of learning and observing. I really enjoyed working with the Law Enforcement rangers this past week.     

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