Monday, June 20, 2016

Updates from Ranger Akabogu at CHRI

Greetings everyone, its me (Ranger Akabogu), reporting to you live from St. Croix, Virgin Islands on how my third week here went. This week started with some physical training with my FTO (Ranger Rivera) for my upcoming PEB testing, then proceeded to some paperwork documentation on IMARS. Ranger Rivera and I had to document one of his cases that involved marijuana on IMARS. 

Positive marijuana test-kit
We tested the leafy substance to confirm it was marijuana, weighed it before and after the testing, and took pictures of the positive test-kit for evidence documentation. Since it was my first time testing for marijuana, Ranger Rivera allowed me to take the lead role in the testing process.
 This week I also got the chance to do a night vessel patrol at Buck Island Reef National Monument with Ranger Rivera. It was a total different experience than patrolling during the day. The navigation and visibility of the ocean was tougher. I drove the vessel to and from the Island with the guidance of Ranger Rivera. He introduced me to the night markers and I very much enjoyed and appreciated getting the night shift patrol experience.

My week ended with a wedding ceremony at the Fort in Christiansted National Historic Site.
It was yet another good Ranger training week here in St Croix, VI. Until my next post… stay tuned!            
P.S. if you plan on visiting St. Croix some day, there are no "Taxi-cabs" here in St. Croix, only 

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