Saturday, June 4, 2016

My first week at St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Hello everyone, my name is Kelechi Akabogu and I am a second year ProRanger. This summer, the National Park I got assigned to is the Christiansted National Historic Site in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. My first week at St. Croix, VI has basically been an orientation of the area. My current Field Training Officer is Ranger Reynaldo Rivera, and he has been kind enough to give me a very detailed orientation/summary of what he does as a Park Ranger in St. Croix. He has also introduced me to all the officials and non-officials of the park (amazing people by the way). Christiansted is such a beautiful place with so much culture and history.
My first day on the job was Memorial Day and I was fortunate enough to witness the Memorial Day parade that took place at Christiansted National Historic Site. Regardless of the unpleasant weather, the parade still went on.
Memorial Day parade in the rain.
The National Park Service at Christiansted oversees three sites: the Christiansted National Historic Site, the Salt River Bay Ecological and Preservation Site, and the Buck Island National Monument. All the above areas are patrolled by the Law Enforcement Division, and this week I visited all and have been given an overview of the areas.
ProRanger at Salt River Bay with the Visitor Contact Center in the rear left.

This week I have witnessed how Law Enforcement Rangers handle cases of locals smoking marijuana on Parklands, I have been to court cases and observed Rangers justify the reason for their citations on the stand, I have been on boat patrols, and I have also had the great opportunity to eat local delicacies. My first week has been extremely fruitful in training me as Ranger in St. Croix and I am looking forward to my upcoming weeks.

Grilled beef with rice and beans from El Sol restaurant.
PS, one fun fact about the Virgin Islands, they drive on the left side of the road (AWKWARD!).

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