Saturday, June 11, 2016

Soon to be master of all NPS law enforcement patrols

ProRanger in the Red Sentry Box by the Fort
Hello everyone, it’s me again reporting from St Croix, Virgin Islands. My second week here just ended and this week I observed foot, vehicle, and vessel patrols done by my FTO (Field Training Officer), Ranger Reynaldo Rivera. During the foot and vehicle patrols, I observed Ranger Rivera do traffic stops and give tickets for safety belt and expired registration as I practiced with old ticket books. I also got the opportunity to have non-law enforcement contacts during these patrols. After the patrols I practiced uploading the ticket information on IMARS.
ProRanger navigating the ocean
          During vessel patrols, I observed Ranger Rivera make law enforcement contacts by confirming anchoring permits from visitors of the park and ensuring no one was fishing on park property. I also got the opportunity to practice my boating skills, I learned about trailering, docking and drove about 5miles on the ocean with the guidance of my FTO from Green Cay Marina to Buck Island Reef National Monument. 
ProRanger and FTO- Ranger Rivera
My week ended with me observing the Law Enforcement Rangers do their firearm training and qualifications at the shooting range with firearm instructor, Michael Evans. 
From left to right: USFWS Refugee officer Michael Evans, ProRanger and Chief L.E Ranger Isander Rodriguez.
It was a great hands-on law enforcement week and i'm looking forward to what next week has instore for me. Till next time... stay safe!

P.S. Squirrels are to Philly as Iguanas are to St. Croix.

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