Friday, July 15, 2016

Quiet Week

Part of being a ranger is taking selfies and operating
a boat simultaneously. A skill indeed.
Week 6 was a quiet week for law enforcement but, we did have a few major incidents. The week started off with the fourth of July parade that happens annually. Hordes of people everywhere dressed in all different kinds of costumes dancing and having a good time. I assisted my chief and other rangers directing traffic and giving people alternative routes to take. St. John consists of two main roads but in actuality, it is one big loop. Since one of the main roads were occupied by the parade, we had to tell folks to basically take the long way because it's the only way. After,we had to dismantle the electronic sign shown in my last blog and decompose from the event.
July, 4th 
On Monday night LE actually got an interesting call. At Honeymoon beach, my chief ranger got called out for a sailboat vessel that washed up, Turns out that the boat's line tied to the mooring somehow got loose from the mooring itself while the captain was sleep. When it washed on Honeymoon, my chief Rick, made first contact with the individual. The next morning, I returned with my supervisor, Ranger Smith, and we went out to Honeymoon to do a small investigation to get some information from the individual. 
Ranger Smith asking the contact about the events that
took place involving his sail boat vessel.
Maybe a few days later, Ranger Smith and I were out on patrol and we encountered a vessel near Hawksnest Bay and we saw something we don't see everyday coming from a boat. A major violation in the park was taking place. The vessel was unloading human waste into park waters. Ew. That individual received a hefty citation with a super duper hefty fine,

The above mentioned contact...
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