Thursday, July 28, 2016

When Two ProRangers Reunite for a Week

     Following the 4th of July I got to take in a day with the Yosemite legal office, and we had hoped I would get to see a trial, but it had been settled the night before. This only meant we got to go out on the boat at Hetch Hetchy to see exactly where a bizarre case in the park had occurred last fall.



     The rest of the week I went on ride alongs with the Valley shift, learning more about the zones of the district, and problems within them. We discussed different tactics of patrolling during different hours of the day, and how especially on the weekends bike patrol is really the most effective way to get around the Valley. Last year was the highest visitation on record for the park; by June of this year those numbers had already increased 20%, which only exacerbates major problems in the park, such as traffic congestion.

     The next week was quickly rolling around and there were whispers of trainings going on, which I had been waiting for so fellow ProRanger Brittany Kriner could come up from SAMO and join. I don't think things could have fell into place any better than they did. The day Brittany arrived we were able to squeeze in a ride along that evening in the Valley. The following day we participated in swift water training. Since the beginning of spring this year up to the training, over 20 people had life-threatening (or life-ending) incidents in the creeks and rivers of Yosemite.  

     The following day we attended active shooter training with the LE Rangers and Medics. In the morning we watched the LE's practice different ways, and the finer tactics of clearing rooms. This all lead up to the large scenario in the afternoon in which Brittany and I played the roles of victims. Brittany's last day here we were lucky enough to go on Climbing Patrol. We did a multi pitch climb on After 6 and the view we had from the top, and all the way up was amazing.  I'm glad Britt got to come out and experience some of the things I've been doing this summer and also do some new things with me!

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