Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 5 at CHRI

Superintendent Joel Tutein getting his hands dirty #COOL.
I have gone past half of my internship here in Christiansted NHS. I have learned a whole lot about "Rangering" and now I’m giving back to the community and the Park, what I have learned so far. This week, the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) began working at the Christiansted National Historic Site. I was introduced to them as part of the L.E. staff here at CHRI and I got the chance to brief them on how I arrived at St Croix and also concerning the ProRanger Program for those of them who might be interested in law enforcement in the future.
Contractors changing the ropes for the flag.
This week wasn’t as busy as previous weeks. I patrolled the three sites, I had non-law enforcement contacts, I practiced report writing, I helped with traffic, I changed the flags at the Fort, and I basically prepared for the upcoming naturalization ceremony that was going to take place on park property.

Next week sounds busy. We have the ceremony itself, court hearings, and a wedding at Christiansted NHS amongst other things.
Until my next post…

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