Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Memories and Lessons That Will Last A Lifetime!

Flight 93 Visitor Center

Jacket from 9/11/01 Responders
Well one more week to go and sadly my first summer internship will be coming to an end. As you all have been able to tell, I have had a blast with amazing people in all of the divisions. I can confidently say that it will be the case as I spent this week, and my final week with law enforcement. On the first day of this week, I would be riding along with seasonal LE Ranger Jon Ludwick, as well with alumnus of the ProRanger program, now permanent at GETT LE Ranger Morgan Brooks. I rode with Ranger Brooks in the morning as she would teach me about the jurisdictions that officers run into throughout the park service. Knowing jurisdictions and jurisdictional issues is very important to know, and will definitely give me a leg up on the academy when I go in.

Just me ready to go to work!
Later in the day I would switch cars and ride with Ranger Ludwick for the rest of the day, as well as the entirety of the next day. I learned a huge amount from him during the time I have been with him so far, and will expect to learn a lot more when I ride along more with him next week. During both days he taught me the ins and outs of radar, how to test them, and how do car stops. He was able to give me an extra vest that he had, and that allowed me to get out and shadow him on car stops while keeping myself safe. Watching his contacts with people on these stops really have helped me shape how I would approach car stops. Also it would not only help with car stops, but would help during normal contacts with visitors no matter what their attitude was or the situation. Later in the day, we were waiting for my parents to arrive in town. While waiting Ranger Ludwick was giving me pointers on some other things that I would learn at FLETC that I could get a head start on now with practicing certain skills. Finally, at the end of the day, my parents arrived and it was time to show them around Gettysburg the next few days!

Uncles Friend Name on Wall : Michael Horrocks
I had a lot planned to show my parents and I knew they would be very tired by the end of this trip, which they most certainly were! Tuesday night I showed them bits and pieces of town, and introduced them to my housemates as they would be staying at our place for a night, then going to their hotel for two days. On Wednesday we took a trip out to visit another NPS Site, the Flight 93 Memorial.  This was a great trip, and were we amazed at how well they presented this tragic event, and the visitor center was just astonishing! It really touched home when we were able to find my Uncles best friends name, Michael Horrocks, who was the co-pilot of United Airlines Flight 175 which crashed into the South Tower, on the last panel displayed in the visitor center. From there, we walked down to where the crash site was, paid our respects, then were on our way back to Gettysburg. That night my girlfriend came up and spent the night with us and would spend the next day with my parents and I exploring the park.

Just my dad and I being crazy!
Let’s just say Thursday everyone got their work out on, as we explored as much of the 6000 acres of the park as we could. I showed them all of the major monuments and parts of the battle, and let’s just say my dad was having more fun soaking in the history then the girls were! Finally, after exploring the park, as well as Eisenhower National Historic Site, we made it to the Museum/Visitor Center. While at the visitor center, I first introduced everyone to some of the intern staff who was in the reading room while showing them the building. After that, and thank to our great curatorial staff and intern Lauren, I was able to show my parents and girlfriend the archive room. They had a blast and were in awe of it all, and to see the expression on their faces was amazing and I couldn’t thank Lauren and the staff enough for allowing me to bring them in there. To finish off with the museum and visitor center, we watched the film, viewed the cyclorama oil painting light show, then finished it off with a walk through the museum and trip to the gift store to get my dad and myself books to read! But before we left, of course me and my dad had to be goofy and try on the confederate and union uniforms and get a picture before we left! Memories that will last a lifetime!
Finishing the trip off right, with some good ice cream!

To end off the trip we all went out to dinner that night in town and had a great time. Not only did we think we saw Thomas Rhett (wound up not being him, he was our server for dinner who look too close to him), but it was nice to sit down and hang out with my family I missed all summer. Finally, no trip is complete in Gettysburg until you go to Mr. Gs ice cream parlor. We had amazing ice cream and milkshakes, and have a great picture to prove it! Until next week for my final post, keep cool and keep on enjoying your summer!


  1. Sounds like a lot of learning. You are doing great. We had an awesome times, lots of great memories.

  2. Sounds like a lot of learning. You are doing great. We had an awesome times, lots of great memories.