Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Mountain of Files

            Week 9 was with administration again and there was never any down time throughout the entire week. I started the week of with the IT department working on resetting a server to use as a backup for the new server. This took longer than I thought it would take because we had trouble getting the server to boot up from the proper area. Then after that we had to update the software to make sure it would work with the computer network it would be hooked up to. I ended the day back at headquarters learning about the fun that was in my future.
            Tuesday and part of Wednesday I was in the chief of administrations office helping him to clean out his filing cabinet that had all of the current and past jobs that fire island filled. The chief said that this was the first time in a long time that it had been done. I was to pull all of the files out

Archived Positions
and look on the organization chart to see if the job was on there. If the job was not I would archive it and set it aside, but if it was I would write down information on the position and sort it by division in the filing cabinet. There were over 200 positions that had to be sorted, some positions were older than I was. On Wednesday I also went to a quality of life meeting which is where officials from almost every community meets with the county police and with the national seashore to talk about problems that need to be solved.
Credit Card Statements
            Thursday was another day of files but this time the files were credit card statements from 2012-2016. This was another long day of sorting but it was a little easier to get done than the position sorting. I had to empty out 2012 and 2013 so that I could put 2014-2016 into the filing cabinet. Near the end of the day Thursday and all of Friday I helped with the inventory check list for administration and for maintenance. This entailed me to walk around the office and the maintenance yard searching for computers, trucks, printers, boats, and more to make sure we still had these things in our possession. It really helped me to understand just how much inventory each division has, and also helped to understand what needs inventory numbers and what doesn’t.

            Week 10 is with interpretation   

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