Friday, February 10, 2017

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

           Hello! Welcome to the first of many exciting blog posts from yours truly, Sam Vecchione. I am new to the ProRanger Program and can proudly say that I am more than excited to be a part of such an outstandingly motivated team. I am currently a junior Criminal Justice major at Temple and am a member of the Men’s Crew Team here at the university. I am a native of the Philadelphia area and being that I take a lot of pride from where I am from and who I spend my time with, I found it easy to find familiarity within the National Park Service. I thrive on being on a team and using my individual talents in conjunction with so many others to achieve something greater than all of us, and I know that the comradery in the NPS is something to be recognized. I am ready to wear the uniform and represent all the NPS has to offer. Being that there is so much, I am ready to learn quickly over the course of my internship.
            I touched upon this in my first activity as a ProRanger at the Defensive Tactics and Use of Force Training on January 29th, but my greatest attraction to the National Park Service was the opportunity to give back to the country that has given me so much. I owe everything that I was able to accomplish throughout my life to my parents and this country for giving me the chance to do so. Especially in today’s world, it is evident that the opportunities here are endless and I feel it is my duty and only in my benefit to act upon them. The ProRanger Program offered, in my opinion, a tremendous opportunity to serve the country in a field that I excel in and an environment that I can use my talents best.

            What do I mean by that last statement? Being a Law Enforcement Ranger for the NPS means serving those who appreciate the same amenities that I do, those amenities being the system of 417 units across the mainland and more. I have always had a fascination with being outside or immersing myself in the rich history of the United States since a young age. I found that the young man that I want to continue to grow as is best nurtured when I am outside, particularly in the beautiful landscapes and naturally-occurring architecture that is found all over the country. To me, it is nearly impossible to not feel a strong sense of pride and humility every time I overlook some stretch of land, waterway, or forest in front of me. The wilderness offers a sense of peace and motivation that John Muir so often would allude to in his writings. However, being that the NPS protects and interprets over 84 million acres of land, it is inevitable that law-enforcement is necessary to protect the resources that we hold so dearly. Being a member of this team provides the amount of like-mindedness, discipline, appreciation, and inspiration that I am looking for in my own life. I am excited to see what lies ahead of me in the National Park Service, and I am ready to take the necessary steps to learn what drives the organization and how I can be a part of it.

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