Sunday, June 25, 2017

Come Sail Away: to Boston

This past week has been very exciting with thousands flocking to Boston to witness tall ships visiting from all over the world. This was made even better with the United States Coast Guard Ship the USCGC Eagle. The USCGC Eagle is a tall ship acquired as a spoils of war from Germany in World War 2. Now it serves as a training ship for the Coast Guard.
Photo of The Eagle
The Eagle was open for visitors to board and thankfully I was able to spare some time away from my duties to check out this beautiful vessel. My main duties for this event was hydration control making sure our staff was well supplied for the hot days and huge crowds. I also helped out with the employee barbecues, small supplies drops, a light injury escort, and just being another member to guide people and help them out. What made doing this so much fun though? I had the best rides in the park to accomplish my tasks with.
It was a small all electric vehicle I was able to use to easily move a lot of water, and people if necessary. Yet this was still not the only vehicle I got to utilize. Though I had my main duties another responsibility of a ProRanger is recruitment, and at Boston we have some of the best tools for the job.

This junior ranger vehicle became so popular we had kids asking us about it the next day before we had even brought it out waiting for a turn on the vehicle. The first rule of the car is be safe of course, but the second rule is rangers only so we had to make sure everyone operating the car was a certified junior ranger (we had badges we were handing out to them).

Beyond what I was doing there was a lot more going on in the Navy Yard we had live music, arts and crafts tents, and live drills from the Coast Guard.
 Live music tent on the Commandant's House
 Crafts and Historical tents

Coast Guard Ceremonial Drills

It had been a crazy few days, but a great learning experience with so much going on I was lucky to be here this summer with the event only happening once every nine years. Make sure to check back in for future posts!
What a nice view from the top of the Law Enforcement building

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