Friday, June 2, 2017

Leadership Camp 2017: Perseverance Conquers

Litter Carry 
Hello All! I Hope everyone’s summer is going well! Mine has been going great, and what better way to start it off than by going on the Programs Annual Leadership Camp! The camping trip this year took place at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, otherwise known as DEWA for short! As most of the activates were done in the park, we did travel to last year’s campground at Princeton Blairstown center as well! We had many activities planned for this year, and all of us were looking forward to engaging in them, and learning more about each other throughout the week!

On our schedule was: Search and Rescue Training (SAR), Low and High Rope Courses, Night Hike, learning how to work as a team to support the others that are climbing the rock wall (known as belaying), climbing an actual rock face at Ricks Rocks in DEWA, orienteering and learning to use a compass, and our final practical which would be a litter carry incorporating all the skills we learned throughout the week.

Campsite View
We had a few guests throughout the week as well that made the experience even more enjoyable. We had Ranger Jordan Keiffer from Harpers Ferry National Historic Park, a former ProRanger, come and stay the week with us, as he ran PT and either helped or participated in all of the activities throughout the week. We also had Ranger Jessica Cooper from Independence National Historical Park, again another former ProRanger, stay with us for a few nights as she also helped running PT with Jordan and partaking in various activities throughout her time there. Next, we had Ranger Morgan Brooks from Independence National Historic Park, another former ProRanger come out and spend the day with us as she watched us partake in the daily activities planned and gave all of us advice around the lunch table! Finally, we had Ranger Gabriel Laurencin, from the St. Croix National Park in the Virgin Islands come spend the entire week with us, as he camped for the first time ever with us, and participated in all the activities with us throughout the week, making him an Honorary ProRanger who we all were very excited to have with us throughout the week. We also had visits from Rangers John Castaldo, John Hesdon, Heather Hyde and Charles Papacostas, all who were former ProRangers themselves. It was great seeing all of them and getting as much advice as we could out of all the old ProRangers!
Myself climbing the rock face at Ricks Rocks in DEWA

All of us enjoyed the programs throughout the week! During all of them we continued to grow better as a team, learn and help each other, and most of all have fun with them all and challenge ourselves to go outside our comfort zones. My favorite activities of the week were Rock Climbing, as well as the litter carry on the final day, and of course you can’t forget camping with beautiful view! During one of our dinners Ranger Jordan and Ranger Jessica both said our school moto that I think stuck with most of us throughout the whole week which was “Perseverance Conquers”. This applied to my second rock climb on Ricks Rocks, as by that point in the day we were all reaching our limits, but I wanted to challenge myself and do one last climb that no one else had done. Although it took some time and thinking I got through it and was able to reach the top of the climb. The litter carry on the last day was also another time when we all could think of that quote, and push through any obstacles we had to complete our mission, and I am proud of everyone for being able to do that!

I am looking forward to seeing what all my other ProRangers are going to be experiencing this summer, as well as to see what this summer brings me! I am looking forward to any tasks that will be asked of me this summer, and hope to gain as much knowledge and hands on learning as I can from a great group of Rangers at Hot Springs National Park! Check in soon to see how my travels to Hot Springs Arkansas went, and what I experienced in week 1!

Group shot at our nightly Bonfire/Cookout!

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