Monday, June 5, 2017

Traveling to Hot Springs National Park!

Our Drive by of Shenandoah!

Hello again everyone! As some of you may know and for those that don’t, I travelled to my summer internship at Hot Springs National Park by car. Yes you heard right, by car! The trip required 18 hours of driving over three days and was approximately 1,231 miles from my home to my final destination. It was a great trip though, as I will go into more detail soon about all the stops and activities I did along the way. I did complete the trip and arrived in Hot Springs ready for work, which started the day after I arrived and moved into my apartment. I will also let you in on all of the stuff I have done throughout the first week of my internship, but first let’s go back and look how I got here!

My cousins Tyler and Austin (Twins) from Virignia!
The reason why I drove and choose not to fly is because I love to travel as well as see new places, so what better way to do that then on my way to Hot Springs, Arkansas. My first stop on my trip was to my cousin’s house in Crozet, Virginia. While down there, I was able to see my younger cousins; my aunt who was visiting as well, and also my other cousin and her boyfriend who lived close by. They live not too far from Shenandoah National Park, so we decided to go hiking in the park for half the day. Well as it would turn out, the day we tried to go it poured and was very foggy, so we decided to go out to lunch instead. Than after that, we went back to the house, and let’s just say that my younger cousins wore me out the rest of the day. Between playing Wii Sports and puck hockey in the garage for hours on end, I realized just how much energy they have because nothing was wearing them out! The next day I had to say goodbye to everyone, as I had to leave and continue on my way to my next stop! Nashville, Tennessee!

Country Music Hall of Fame!
It was about an 8 hour drive from Virginia to Nashville, TN but I made it without any problems. I first checked into my hotel, and then was off to explore downtown Nashville. As I remembered on my drive down, not only was I going to be in Nashville on Memorial Day, but it was also the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs between the Pittsburg Penguins vs. Nashville Predators. Boy what a night to be in Nashville! The downtown area was so beautiful, as well as packed with many fans attending a tailgate outside the stadium to watch the game! I choose to find a nice eating establishment and make myself comfortable while watching the game and rooting for the Preds! After an eventual night of exploring downtown, it was time to go back to the hotel, sleep, and then finally be off in the morning to my final destination. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas!

The Predators Outdoor Viewing Rally
for the Stanley Cup Game 1!

From Nashville to Hot Springs was about a 6-hour drive, again going smooth and after 6 hours I finally reached my destination. Upon arriving, I moved into my apartment, went food shopping, and then hit the bed because I had my first day of work early the next morning! Overall it was an eventful trip to Hot Springs that I enjoyed very much experiencing new places and new things! I Hope you all are enjoying reading the blogs and just a small reminder to read my next blog which is up about how my first week of work went!

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