Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 2 Boston Recap

Hello all and welcome back to my summer internship blog at Boston National Historical Park. Week two was an eventful week where they had me all over the city working with a lot of great people. I started off the week (actually last Sunday) in law enforcement where I got to work on gun safety, maintenance, holstering, and proper drawing of a weapon. I even had to do exercises and get my blood pumping before I had to reassemble a sidearm, to see the difference when your mind and body are not at a calm state. This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, but it provided great practice for me to improve my skills.

Moving further on into the week I began spending my first day at Boston Harbor Islands with the Rangers and DCR workers there. I was at Spectacle Island (which is actually built on trash apparently). Unfortunately the weather was not so great and we received zero visitors, but this gave me time to learn more about the history and responsibilities of rangers stationed on the island. The next day I again was supposed to be at the islands, but the weather took a turn for the worse and the islands remained closed.

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(Spectacle Island from above on a nice day)

Instead of venturing to the islands I instead found myself with the law enforcement division. A somewhat slow day I was able to get a lot of work done toward by S-190 for Wildland Firefighting. I also spent time working on building checks throughout the Navy Yard.

Closing out the weekdays I spent time again in interpretation now covering shifts as we prepare for our big Sail Boston event coming up June 17th to the 22nd where we will be having ships and visitors flock from around the world for this tier one event. In these shifts I also did a mini project (shown below), spent time at the visitor center, Bunker Hill Museum, and Bunker Hill Monument.

I made these

Turn into these!
Coming into this Sunday we now had a large event everyone was waiting for. The Bunker Hill Parade! This called for us to wash and prep the vehicles to look amazing and get ready to engage with all the parade goers, and Charlestown really showed up for this event. The streets were lined with people eagerly watching the parade cruise by and even give out flags and junior ranger badges. Though it was hot out the day flew by getting to interact with so many friendly people throughout the parade. That's all I have for now be sure to stay tune as I narrow down my selection for my favorite spot in the park.

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(Photo from Boston National Historical Park Facebook)

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