Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dirty Deeds: Time to Clean Up

Starting last Monday I began my time with maintenance, and with a park that sees a few million visitors every year, that is busiest in the summer, there was plenty for me to get involved with. Last week a lot of our focus was getting right into getting our hands dirty and pulling weeds. Because we protect the resources both historically and naturally a weed killer that would pollute the soil is out of the question. Even though the park is in an urban setting there is never a lack of weeds to clear out of the roads and historic areas.
We actually started right outside of the barracks (where I am staying) meaning I had the best possible commute for a couple days with the work literally being on my doorstep. Though the commute was easy the work certainly is not and working only a couple weeks with maintenance I am quickly learning just how difficult it really is. Thankfully it is still rewarding to be able to look back at the areas we cleared out and see immediately the contribution we have made. Though picking out weeds around the Navy Yard was satisfying, it was pretty awesome when we got to work underneath the USS Constitution in Dry Dock 1 and pull out the weeds there.
View under the constitution in Dry Dock 1
Also this week we were able to help a local NPS partner that gets local high school aged students involved in the Park Service. Their goal was to plant a garden area in front of the Commandant's house, and the work is coming along quite well. Armed with shovels and a bobcat we assisted with the transportation and planting of the trees/plants as well as locating the water lines running through the area.
Helping with the water irrigation system

Stay tuned for more coming this week as I continue my time with maintenance!

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