Thursday, July 6, 2017

Sharp Dressed Man: Look at those boots

Earlier this summer I learned a very valuable lesson. How to shine my boots. Since then I have put in some work to make sure my boots are looking sharp, though they have yet to face the test of maintenance. The trick we were taught is to use a heat gun to bring out the shine in the boots, where some methods are less effective the heat gun works wonders on the shine. I have yet to get the "glass look" but I am on my way there.

Left boot before right boot after

In other news I also worked with rangers on the vehicle inspections to make sure our patrol vehicles are in tip top shape. Though some need an oil change or fluids topped off overall the fleet of ranger vehicles here at Boston is looking good. Persistent maintenance on these vehicles is of the upmost importance for us to function to the best of our abilities as rangers.

I have also been learning how to take down and properly fold a flag, which the law enforcement officers at Boston do everyday after the cannon fire marking sunset from the Navy. Though a smaller task to get done everyday there are citizens watching or casually onlooking at the rangers performing this ceremonial duty and helps keep our strong reputation within the community in which we reside.
Recently I have also continued riding along on patrols throughout the city including around the Navy Yard, Bunker Hill, the North End, downtown, Beacon Hill, and Dorchester Heights. Every area has its challenges and opportunities for me to learn.

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