Saturday, July 8, 2017

So You Want to Know What its Like to Be a U.S. Park Ranger?

            Week Four has come to a close and I now know the park like that back of my hand (sort of!). My supervisor and I visited each and every one of the “foot-patrol” areas of the park in search of suspicious activity as they can be popular for recreational drug users. It was here that I did find some of the most beautiful parts of the park however, and the rangers protect the areas so that visitors feel comfortable to visit these gems as well. It was here that I discovered arguably my favorite spot in the park, known as Black Point. Black Point is a short walk to the edge of Jamestown Island where you can overlook much of the James River on the small beach area. It is a particularly quiet area, unlike the busy Philadelphia streets that I am so used to, and it offers a great view of the route that the first permanent English settlers took in order to begin life in America.

            I received a lot of hands-on training this week as well, and I feel so much more comfortable with the day-to-day responsibilities that law enforcement officers undertake. I learned how to handcuff suspects, approach vehicles during traffic stops, operate some police equipment, offer verbal commands, identify pressure points on the body, have the CFR sections memorized, and so much more. If one wants to truly see what it is like to be a U.S. Park Ranger at a unit like this one, Colonial will offer you the opportunity. I am receiving much more responsibility and my job as an intern here is taking off for sure. I look forward to what the coming weeks have to offer!

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