Monday, July 24, 2017

The Gang Goes to San Francisco

What a Crazy Place to Patrol
Week 7 was when I got to see what the night shift here at Yosemite has to deal with in a daily basis. On Monday we started the day off with an overbooked campsite, giving the visitors an option to stay in another site. Later on I was able to try helping with the walkout of some visitors on the mist trail. Sadly, we took a shortcut which caused us to miss the group but it is still good experience and something which will help me to get my Search and Rescue Certification. On Tuesday we started the shift out with a medical, which needed the ambulance and some help from the great staff at the clinic. After that we ran radar in areas of the park where people are most likely to speed and were able to help educate some visitors on the problems with speeding. Later on that night we looked for someone who was causing a disturbance in one of the campgrounds. On Wednesday the night started out slow but then ended with a DUI arrest which gave me more time seeing the booking process and how it works 
A View of a Slow Day
in the park. It also caused us to be stuck in the jail watching the guy we caught since they do not have enough staff to keep a jailer on every hour of the day. Thursday I was back on day shift and lucky enough for us it was a very quiet day and everyone seemed to be complying with the speed limits and vehicle codes. On Friday my roommates and I attempted to go visit San Francisco for the day, that was far from what actually happened. Our car broke down on the bridge before we were about to enter the city. This left us stranded in Oakland because we didn’t know when the car was going to be repaired. We did our best to stay busy throughout the day and saw some interesting things in Oakland. At 6pm when the repair place was closing we took it for a test drive because they claimed it was fixed, but it broke down right around the corner of the repair shop. One of my roommates was very resourceful and was able to get us a free place to stay in University of 
A Group Photo From out Lunch Spot
California Berkeley. We spent the next morning walking around the university and seeing what the surrounding area looked like, and got some delicious food. The car was finally fixed at 11am on Saturday and we drove back to the valley. During the entire trip we compared the stuff that was going on to something that would happen in the TV show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That is the reason this blog got the name that it has.

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