Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Good Times Bad Times: Simulate them all pt. 2

 The first day of simulations tended to be more routine, with a few more difficult scenarios thrown in to change it up, but the environment became familiar, which will not always be the case when operating in the field. To change this up we ventured into a new location added in a partner in the simulation and increased the stakes of the simulation. All simulations involved weapons and control tactics. If this were not enough I also had to do burpees to get my blood pumping before entering the scenario to simulate the adrenaline I may feel if it were real. To combat this I did my best to control my breath, but my blood was still rushing through my body. The first scenario was an individual actively threatening with a knife so we had to move quick. Going through the house as strategically and quickly as possible we made our way onto the scene. With my blood rushing and doing my best to control my breathing and think clearly I believe I handled the situation as well turning to the rangers after to ask for advice and pointers. With my blood still pumping we prepared for one more scenario.
*all firearms in scenarios are simulated weapons

    This scenario did not have as high of stakes as the previous one, but could get quite difficult as there were firearms on the scene and an unresponsive individual. Clearing the house for security and dangerous weapons we ended with medical help to one individual and putting the other under arrest.
Working through these scenarios shows you just how difficult it can be and I look forward to completing more to learn and improve myself to be the best ranger I can be.

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