Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back To The Woods: Natural Resources Round 2 (Anti)

Driving around the tour road, off in the distance one can see trees crashing with a tumultuous explosion. The sounds of chain saws echoing through the battlefield. Whats going on? Its the Natural Resources Division at it again! Travis and I are out in the backwoods behind the Otto Farm House helping fell trees in order to restore the landscape to what it would of looked like back in 1862.

Here we have Ranger Chris Tawney sharpening his tool of choice, a Husqvarna Chainsaw. With chaps and face guard properly worn and secure, he is ready to fell some trees.

The video above shows Ranger Connor Malloy felling a tree. Notice his methodical style when he makes his notches, also known as cuts, in order to make the tree fall in a certain direction. It takes years of practice and expertise in order to fell a tree the way Ranger Malloy does it. His technique is unsurpassed. In addition to being able to run a saw, he is an authority when it comes to the natural landscape at Antietam. Any question regarding flora or fauna, he has an answer to it.

Above we have Ranger Malloy, Bucking a fallen tree. He is basically cutting it up into smaller pieces so the other rangers can put them into piles to be burned later on during the winter months.

Now that trees have been felled and bucked, I can start transporting them to the wood piles.

We came across a skull amidst all the brush. According to Ranger Andrew Landsman, it is identified as a deer skull.

Its hard work but hey who said preserving and protecting was easy.

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