Wednesday, July 28, 2010

First Day Of Law Enforcement At Anti

As our ProRanger Internship starts to wind down and we embark on our final weeks with the Law Enforcement Division at Antietam National Battlefield. Today we go on patrol with LE Ranger Linc Beers. On today's agenda, Travis and I help put up security cameras at various spots around the park. Due to an ongoing investigation we can not divulge any information regarding these cameras.

Here we have Travis programming the camera.

It took a while to program but we are just happy to finally figure it out.

Travis installing the camera.

Deer sighting on our way back to the Ranger House. Antietam has a huge deer population.

Even though it was only our first taste of NPS Law Enforcement action, I know we are going to learn so much during our tenure.

Till Next Time!

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