Friday, July 2, 2010

Saving Sandy

While trekking along Valley Forge's Chapel Trail, we acquired a phone call from Ranger Bruce Eash about a dog that had been found promenading adjacent to the train tracks in the proximity of Washington's Headquarters. Good samaritan, Geraldine, who had made the phone call to Ranger Bruce, was waiting there for us. As we approached "Sandy" we realized she was a very obedient dog. She hopped into the back of the truck without a problem. It was later that we learned Sandy's owner was frantically searching for her lost dog. Thanks to Ranger Bruce, she was reunited within a short amount of time and is home safe. While reflecting on the situation, Ranger Bruce calmly voiced, "Most dogs who are found throughout the park are reunited with their owners quickly. If they are not reunited we make sure that we provide proper care to the animal and give adequate information to the local animal shelter to ensure a safe return home."
Sandy's Rescuer Geraldine

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