Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boston National Historical Park- Week 1

On our first day in the Navy Yard, Jeff and I met with several different rangers, interpretation staff, maintenance, as well as spent a few hours with the Chief Ranger. We toured the USS Cassin Young, went through the USS Constitution Museum, as well as the Visitor's Center within the yard to help gain a better understanding of the history here at the park.

The past week we have spent going on several patrols throughout the city as well as visiting the different sites within the Boston National Historical Park. This has helped introduce us to the world of law enforcement, especially in an urban setting. It has also helped give us a better grasp on the city and how to maneuver through it.

Our first major task was to clean up and organize the exercise room within the Ranger Station.
We also went around to all of the various buildings to check supplies within the first aid kits, AED packs, and first responder kits. We had a check list and needed to make sure all were present within the packs and that they each had sufficient supplies.

Jeff and I also went through a check list checking the patrol cars prior to leaving for a patrol. First we needed to walk around the vehicle and assess for any damage that it may have received from a previous patrol. Then we checked to make sure all of the tail lights and head lights were working properly. We also needed to check the light bar and sirens as well as the PA system to make sure all were in working order. We then moved on to the trunk of the vehicle.
We made sure all of the necessary tools were present as well as a back up set of keys to all building sites and another first aid kit. We were also taught to check the back seat where prisoners are seated to make sure weapons or other objects were cleared out. All of these are key to check prior to leaving the station.

This week has been exciting and very informative and we both look forward to what has yet to come. The city adds to our excitement as well as the never ending possibilities in law enforcement. Hope everyone else is having as good of a time as we are! Good luck to everyone!

ProRangers Erin Langeheine and Jeff Parente

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