Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Harpers Ferry- Week 1

Our first week at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park has been extremely exciting and informative. This past week we have worked with law enforcement to complete various tasks critical to the operation of the park. The first couple of days here at Harpers Ferry were filled with meeting park employees and touring the many historical sites at the park. These tasks were also coupled with patrol as well as watching the flood gauge on the Potomac River. On Thursday, the River reached flood stage and crested at 19 feet 3 inches. As a result, Ranger Mark Howard and myself inspected and closed the footbridge leading to the towpath of the C&O Canal and kept a close watch of Lower Town. Once the River crested, it quickly receded and we were able to reopen the bridge on Friday. Later on Friday, Ranger Howard and myself hiked the Maryland Heights trail and visited the Overlook. The Overlook is a breathtaking area that offers an astounding view of Harpers Ferry. Saturday was another busy day at the Park. We hiked additional trails this day, while patrolling the historic Lower Town of Harpers Ferry. On Monday, ProRanger Mark Clarke arrived to Harpers Ferry. Mark is quickly learning the ins and outs of the area and is excited to get to work. This week, we are in Operational Leadership Training on Tuesday and Wednesday and archeology on Thursday. I hope everybody first week was as awesome as ours here at Harpers Ferry. This area is extremely unique and the Park is filled with history, and great people. Have a good week!

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