Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Charles Papacostas: First Week at Prince William

During my first week at Prince William Forest Park was more than fun. After spending the first three days doing ride alongs and visiting the National Capital Dispatch Center, last Friday was the most memorable day so far. Park Ranger Dave Ballam took Amber and I to visit Antietam and the National Conservation Training Center. When driving there and back, and to our surprise, we were permitted to drive his patrol vehicle. We could simply not turn down this opportunity, and it was most certainly an enjoyable experience. I am glad we saw Antietam, as the battlefield is surrounded by a beautiful countryside, and I like to study the Civil War in my free time. In addition, it was good to stop in to see Jim, one of our fellow Prorangers. All in all, it was a fast-moving and fun first week here at Prince William Forest Park, and it certainly opened the door for many more interesting opportunities this summer.

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  1. Show them how ProRangers pull people over.