Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gettysburg week 1

I have been at Gettysburg for a little more than a week now and so far the experience has been great. My first few days were spent riding around with my supervisor Ryan touring the park, meeting the staff, and learning all that goes on behind the scenes which most people don't realize. Gettysburg has more history than I ever imagined. There are more than 1300 monuments and historic structures here, most of which were actually here during the the civil war which is amazing. The structures that were here have been refurbished but extensive research has been done to restore the structures to exactly the way they were in 1863. The next couple of days were spent with the seasonal employees who were re qualifying their firearms (pistols and shotguns). Today was the most hands on experience I have had at the park. I spent the day with the maintenance crew and got the opportunity to do a little waxing and power washing of a couple monuments.
The people here at the park that I have had a chance to work or meet have all been great as well. From the time I arrived I have felt welcome and now only have been here a week and feel like I have been here a month.
I do have actual pictures of me working but am having some technical difficulties. I will post them ASAP.

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