Saturday, May 28, 2011

INDE Week 2 - Poe House!

Hello Everyone!

Dan and I have just finished up our second week here at Independence National Historial Park! We were so excited to share all the new information we have learned that we had to post again!

In addition to being at the Visitors Center, which you read in Dan's post, we have spent the day at the Edgar Allan Poe House. While at the Visitors Center we witnessed the 20 millionth visitor! It was so awesome! The children from a school in Bailtmore were given free Philly cheesesteaks, gifts bags and they even were able to meet the mayor! The Mummers even stopped by! They then went on to spend the day at the park with great weather!

The Poe House is roughly a mile away from the Icon, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell block. We went on a self guided tour of the building in addition to two guided tours from two different Rangers. We really understand the operations of the site as well as the history of Poe. This is truly a great educational experience for both of us! We were able to provide more information for visitors as well as Welcome them to the site. We were really lucky in the amount of visitors that showed up today!

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