Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My 2nd Week at Colonial

Hey everybody!!! My second week at Colonial was a very eventful one, which consisted of another week of interpretation. During my week I had the opportunity to spend the day with the Cultural Resource Specialist at the park whose name is Jonathan Connolly. In our day together, we embarked on a trip to the Jamestown hiking trail area in search of historic artifacts. In our search I happened to uncover a prehistoric knife according to Jonathan. Additionally we also found  a nail from the 1800s. This day was a very interesting one for an interpretation day, because Jonathan informed me greatly about the importance of the preservation of the historical artifacts in the National Parks. Furthermore, he reminded me of how these Parks are the places where the history happened, and these artifacts being kept in their place is extremely essential to maintaining the visual history of our national parks. More importantly, these artifacts work in conjunction with the historical interpreters who work for the park with the job to educate and show guests what their park represents.

Close up of Prehistoric Knife

Me and the Prehistoric Knife

In addition to a day of finding artifacts, I also had the chance to take part in a range artillery program given by the park. During the day, various interpretations were done by workers at the interpretation department while the artillery group fired the cannon. Though these events were fun, there are two things which made my week phenomenal. The first brings me back to my travels with Jonathan Connolly and our trip out in Jamestown. We drove the Jamestown tour road, stopped at a pullout, and took a trip to another site where he felt he could find historical artifacts. And this is what I saw when we arrived at our destination.
A place of peace

This view, which is of the Jamestown River, struck me very deeply and reminded me of back when I was interviewed to enter into the Proranger program and was asked whether it mattered where I traveled. I remember my answer, which was "I'm willing to go wherever I am needed", having no idea that I'd end of up in a fantastic place such as this. The serenity, area, workers, and experience here have been nothing short of amazing, and this is only week 2. The second thing which still sticks in my mind is my reception of my second challenge coin by one of coworkers in the interpretation department.

My 2nd week was a great one, and I hope all of my other Prorangers 2nd week was a good one as well. I look forward to reading more of your blogs, and seeing you all when we meet up in about a month or so. Until my next blog post ladies and gentlemen and fellow Prorangers!

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