Tuesday, May 31, 2011

BNHP- Week 2

The second week at Boston's Navy Yard has been filled with learning new tasks and responsibilities. We spent our days with various Park Rangers as well as some Supervisors within the Law Enforcement division.

This past week, a marijuana joint was confiscated at the security gate for the USS Constitution. We then conducted a field test on it. It was really cool to see how easy it is to test drugs on site in a matter of minutes. It is a very simple process of putting a sample of the substance into the package with three vials of chemicals. You break the first tube and then agitate the package for a minute. Once you break the second tube, if the chemicals change color, the substance tests positive for the drug. The last tube separates the chemicals into two different colors proving a second time that the substance contains the drug.

Jeff and I also spent some time with one of the Supervisors, Dan Baker, to talk with him and see what daily tasks he performs. We both got the chance to make some keys to doors as well as drive the electric car around the yard. Another task we performed throughout the day was standing by the one entrance gate talking with visitors. We were there to help answer any questions visitors may have as well as to give simple directions to other parts of the park. We feel that this is an important aspect of a Park Ranger's duties. It is important to be helpful in many different ways besides crime related incidents. We also feel that having a Park Ranger's presence throughout the park helps make people feel safe and allows them to feel free to ask any questions.

On several of our various patrols throughout the week we were able to see many parts of buildings that are not open to the public. For instance we got our own special tour of the Commandant's House, the Monument at Dorchester Heights, as well as access to various roof tops. It is interesting to see these buildings beyond what you would see as just the general public.
The view of the USS Constitution from the roof of an old unused warehouse building within the Navy Yard.

Jeff and I had the great opportunity of doing a ride along with a Minute Man Park Ranger, Kevin Kavanagh. Minute Man National Park is located in Concord, Massachusetts about half an hour from Boston. The majority of their patrol focus within the park is making traffic stops on the main highway that cuts through the park. We were able to witness Kavanagh pull over several cars, issuing several warnings as well as give out a few tickets. It was a great experience for us to see another style of patrol and focus within a park that differs greatly from the urban setting within the Navy Yard.

We look forward to what we will be experiencing next week!

ProRangers Erin Langeheine and Jeff Parente

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  1. Route 2 which is straddled by Minuteman Park is a Mass state highway. It is neither owned or maintained by the National Park Service. By what authority does NPS issue speeding tickets on this road? Mass state police were perfectly capable of assuring public safety on Rt 2 before the existsnce of the park. Mass state police also have constitutional authority for public safety on Mass highways, NPS does not.