Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Week 2 at Independance!

Hey Everyone!
This week feels like it has been flying by! The weather here has been HOT! But we have been staying hydrated and rotating out of the sun to stay cool. Dan and I are still with the Interpretations division. We are now shadowing guides and rangers in addition to learning how they control the lines. Each day we become more and more comfortable with the park and how it operates.

Yesterday was a very exciting day at Independence for Dan and myself! We were able to see how the park protects a high profile visitor. As many of you may have seen Sarah Palin visited yesterday with some of her family. Dan was able to see the private tour of Independence Hall that she was on while I saw her while she was visiting the Liberty Bell. The law enforcement staff surrounded her at the Bell, making sure no one got too close. While she mingling with other visitors the Rangers said it was difficult to keep the reporters and press away. For the time that she was at the park the press and reporters were running from place to place while security staff was trying to make sure she was safe and trying not to disturb other visitors tours. Both Dan and myself were unable to take pictures of Sarah Palin while she was here because we were helping out the staff as much as possible.
This was a great learning experience for both of us. The other staff had told us about other famous visitors at the park, but seeing first hand really helped us understand the procedure. I hope everyone is having a great time! See you all soon!

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