Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BOST- Week 3

This past week has been extremely rewarding in so many different ways! I was able to get some first hand experience to events that I will never forget.

My week started with a very rewarding and active detail of a Boston NHP VIP. As some of you have read, Sarah Palin has been taking a tour of the various National Historical Parks; Boston's Old North Church, Paul Revere House, and Bunker Hill being among them.
I was surprised as well as extremely excited to be able to help take part in the detail that would be present at the different stops that Palin's tour would be making. I was first sent to the Paul Revere House and helped our explosives K-9 Ranger unit clear the location. As Ranger Kevin Mulligan and his K-9 unit, Kelly, walked through the grounds of the site, I walked around the perimeter to check for anything suspicious. We found nothing, and continued into the building. Once again nothing suspicious was found and the site was considered safe for visit. We then waited outside for Palin's group to show up for the tour. This was a crucial point, as two other rangers and myself were posted outside the entrance to keep any media from entering. After the tour was completed, we stood at the exit and parted the crowd so that Palin and her family could leave the site and continue on their tour. We then traveled to the Bunker Hill Monument and walked around the outside of Palin's group to make sure nothing got out of hand.

A picture taken by Palin's photographer, including: Superintendent Cash, Chief of Interpretation Wolins, Deputy Superintendent Bernardo, and myself at Bunker Hill.

This experience was absolutely incredible and was really my first time being involved in a law enforcement event. I was taught through this experience the importance of not answering questions from the media because it would create a huge problem within the operation. When working in a detail you are entrusted with information that needs to be kept on the down low. It was thrilling to be apart of the detail and I was told to expect more events like this in an urban park setting. I look forward to having similar experiences in the future!

Also this week, we spent some time with the Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent getting a behind the scenes view of some of their daily duties. We sat in with them during their morning meeting going over the different concerns throughout the various departments within the park. It helped give us a better understanding of how much goes into making a park successful. We also were able to attend the budget meeting the the Department Chiefs. I now have a better understanding of how important it is to make sure that there is communication among not only the leader's office (Superintendent) but within the other departments under him. If there is not enough communication between the departments, things can go over looked which could cause major problems.

We also sat in Dispatch for two days learning the different call techniques and responding procedures. Although the two days we spent there were somewhat slow, the knowledge of a dispatcher's duties greatly helps with my own use of the radio. I am beginning to know what to expect to hear on the radio and I am getting more comfortable in making basic calls such as location and what actions are being taken.

This past week was more than I ever expected from my third week in this internship! I have had several experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my career and I am more excited than ever to build responsibility and start to broaden my skills. I can only anticipate what is yet to come! Hope everyone else is enjoying their parks as well!

ProRanger Erin Langeheine

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